We never appreciated the brand new men I cherished and not liked the new boys I enjoyed

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We never appreciated the brand new men I cherished and not liked the new boys I enjoyed

P8. Potluck: Nyc, 1940, Radcliffe grad., copywriter most commonly known for her book toward Vietnam battle, Flame about River, hence acquired an excellent 1973 Pulitzer and you may Federal Guide Award. Hint: However, zero toilet tissue. A beneficial. Carol Protects B. Geraldine Brooks C. Frances Fitzgerald D. Christopher Wren

P9. Quotes: NYC, 1891, comedian, actress, Baby Snooks, subject of Funny Girl. 1. 2. Men always fall for frigid women because they put on the best show. 3. Personal beauty is a greater recommend-dation than any letter of reference. A. Jean Adair B. Billie Bird C. Fanny Brice D. Emma Carus Hint: Boo Boos sister.

P10. Sci/Tech: Stockholm, 1883, chemist, armaments brand, engineer that have 350 patents; loss of his aunt Ludvig triggered numerous records to wrongly publish his personal obituary. He got to discover: The merchant off dying is inactive. He did their far better build amends. Hint: Judy Collins Rhymney A beneficial. Robert Oppenheimer B. Alfred Nobel C. Anthony Fokker D. Samuel Colt

P11. Sports: Queens, 1928, southpaw obtained his first nine online game getting 1950 Yankees; pitched sixteen decades for them, President of your Board, dos.75 Point in time. 1,956 SOs, W/L 236 -106, a great .690 winning %, large having pitchers with 3 hundred or maybe more Behavior; as well as got ten World Show victories. Hint: Didnt you need a head protection. An excellent. Catfish Huntsman B. Allie Reynolds C. Ron Guidry D. Whitey Ford P12. Stage/Screen: Produced when you look at the Minneapolis from inside the 1920, the guy starred in Our very own Miss Brooks and i also Love Lucy, however, their genuine speciality was in directing including suggests due to the fact Real McCoys, The man out-of U.N.C.L.E, Columbo, and you can Meters*A*S*H. The his sound we hear over the camp PA program. Hint: Four Solid Wind gusts lyrics. A beneficial. Norman Lear B. Steven Bocho C. James Burrows D. Hy Averback P13. More Borrowing from the bank: During the 1964, My personal Fair Women premieres. Its basic just who performs the newest besotted Freddie. A great. Jeremy Brett B. Michael Caine C. Sean Connery D. Ian McKellan

P1. Art/Culture: Born inside Springfield, MA, in 1920, which psychologist/public activist got higher affect this new subculture of your own sixties. Thinking LSD had healing possible, the guy got themselves fired regarding Harvard. He promoted such as stupid phrases as: “Turn on, tune in, drop-out.” Hint: Paul receiver. An excellent. Allen Ginsberg B. Tom Wolfe C. Timothy Leary D. Huntsman S. Thompson

P2. Geo: In 1962, shortly after a chat with former Chairman Eisenhower, JFK declares reconnaissance planes have made a frustrating discovery flying over exactly what nation? Hint: Hungary’s Ern. A. Albania B. Czechoslovakia C. Cuba D. East Germany

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P3. History: Into the 1746, The college of brand new Jersey are chartered. It might become just what? Hint #1: F. Scott Fitzgerald told you it absolutely was it side of paradise. Idea #2: Lost step one st ever before university recreations to Rutgers 4 – 6. An effective. Fairleigh Dickinson B. Dartmouth C. Princeton D. Seton Hallway

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4. Lang: Based on Homer, Aphrodite’s the kid regarding Zeus Titaness Dione. Hesiod states she rose in the sea-foam after Cronus reduce away from Uranus’s parts threw him or her on sea. Lord Alfred Douglas, produced during the 1870, a buddy away from Oscar Wilde’s, is actually a great Uranian poet. His point? Hint: Wood packages? A good. Intimate love B. Eroticism C.

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P5. Lit: Iran, 1919; transferred to Rhodesia from inside the 1925; authored novels w/ an effective communist motif [[The good Violent), sci-fi [[The Fantastic Notebook), and-by many believed the woman best-tales off southern area Africa, including the Lawn Is Vocal and you may Martha Journey. Hint: Los cuales Demeure Sera trademark track to have just who? A good. Nadine Gordimer B. Doris Lessing C. Helen Suzman D. Ellen Kuzwayo

P6. Music/Dance: Hungary, 1811, grew up in Paris, getting basic a virtuoso pianist touring every one of Europe right after which a writer of like functions just like the Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Very musicologists manage number your in the most readily useful dozen 19 th Century composers. Hint: Uncarefully composed ballast. An effective. Joseph Haydn B. Frederic Chopin C. Franz Schubert D. Franz Liszt

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